Dust Cover Design & Exporting Guide

Welcome to our dust cover design and exporting guide

If you are inexperienced in any design related work you may want to consider hiring a professional, there are many places to find designers for hire online. However if you do have some experience and familiarity with design programs you should be able to easily follow this guide to create print-ready files. Using our pre-made templates will make your work much easier and get you into the design process right away. These files can be downloaded and opened in either Adobe InDesign or Affinity Publisher.

Official documentation and learning:

Affinity Designer / Publisher

Adobe InDesign / Illustrator

You can use different programs to make print-ready art, but we are unable to offer guidance here on all programs. A print-ready file must conform to the following specs:

  • PDF file (PDF-X4 if available)
  • Proper size for your desired dust cover
  • 1/8 inch (.125") bleed area included
  • Raster art at least 300 dpi (Vector art recommended whenever possible)
  • CMYK Colorspace
  • Art centered on artboard
  • Dieline on separate layer OR a file with and one without dieline supplied

Phase One

Phase Two

Candle Dust Cover Templates

How to Export from Canva for Print:

Canva: How to Export for Print

  1. Click the "Share" button
  2. Select "Download"
  3. Select "PDF Print" from drop down menu
  4. Check the box "Crop marks and bleed"
  5. Click "Download"

That is the file to supply us with when ordering.