Custom Boxes

Because we offer in-house die cutting we can make you almost any type of box you want. Contact us with your needs and we’ll help you create the perfect package. Below is pricing for 3.5 inch square boxes to give you an idea of where prices start. All custom boxes will require a die which start at around $200. This is a one time cost, we save your die for future use. Printing on the outside and inside of boxes is possible.

3.5" Square Boxes

Below is pricing for blank 3.5 inch (88.9 mm) boxes made of 24 point Neenah Folding Board. This is a thick stock that can hold heavy objects. This paper is made with post consumer fiber and produced using 100% renewable energy. For other sizes,
papers, and printing options contact us.

H 3.5 x W 3.5$65 (1.30 per unit)$127 (1.27 per unit)$186 (1.24 per unit)$241 (1.21 per unit)$293 (1.17 per unit)$342 (1.14 per unit)$387 (1.11 per unit)$429 (1.07 per unit)$503 (1.01 per unit)$564 (0.94 per unit)$612 (0.87 per unit)$647 (0.94 per unit)$668 (0.74 per unit)$687 (0.68 per unit)

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