UV Coating Options

What is UV Coating?

UV (Ultra Violet) coating is a liquid which is applied to a printed sheet and cured instantly by UV light. UV coating changes the look and feel of the paper, choose from Soft-Touch, Matte, or Gloss. UV coating is great way to add visual and tactile interest, protect your printed piece, and make your work stand out.

Why Use UV Coating?

Enhance Your Design

UV coating can change the look and physical feel of your printed piece. Choose finishes ranging from dull matte to high gloss to compliment your design.


UV coating also helps protect your printed piece from scratches, scuffs, and even a little moisture.

Environmental Impact

Unlike many other varnish options UV coatings are not petroleum or solvent based. UV coatings do not release VOCs into the air. UV coated pieces remain fully recyclable.

UV Coating Soft-Touch


UV Coating Matte


UV Coating Gloss