Custom Labels

Labels are a great way to ensure consistent branding. Because we offer such a large range of printing processes you can get the look you're after. Along with the ability to create traditional labels we can also create polyester labels which are perfect if your products will be in a wet environment or just need extra protections from the elements. Whether you're looking for simple and cost effective, or for a label that will truly set your packaging apart we can help you meet your goal.

Looking for roll labels, more paper choices, or have questions? Contact us, we're happy to help.

1" Circle Labels

The following is pricing for 1 inch (25.4mm) circle labels. Contact us if you need a different size.

1" Diameter Circle Labels - 63 up on sheetInk63126189252315378441504567630
White Gloss/Matte PaperBlack28.5029.5031.5033.5036.0038.0040.5042.5045.0047.00
White Gloss/Matte PaperColor30.5032.0033.5036.0038.5041.0043.5046.0048.5051.00
White Polyester (oil & wax resistant)Black31.5032.5035.0037.0040.0042.5045.0047.5050.0052.50
White Polyester (oil & wax resistant)Color33.5034.5037.0040.0042.5045.0048.0050.5053.5056.00

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