Product Photography

Exceptional product photography has never been as important as it is now. With the growth of e-commerce it's crucial that your products stand out and get noticed. Our profesional photography service has been designed to give you outstanding images of your goods in a timely and cost effective way. With three background styles to choose from, and upgradable options, we'll bring out the best in your products.

Background Choices:

Blank Background

Whiteout makes your product stand front and center with no distractions. With a completely white background your items will be ready for any e-commerce site including Amazon. 

White Paper

Our White Paper background gives a more subtle, less stark look then Whiteout. A perfect choice for when you want your products to have a natural look. 

Off-White Paper

Our off-white background paired with a classic lighting setup make this a fine choice for a clean, sophisticated shop.

Basic Pricing

Prices are based on quantity of photos plus any upgrades needed. Order 10 or more photos for $20 credited toward return shipping!



per photo



per photo

10-19 PHOTOS


per photo

20-34 PHOTOS


per photo

35-50 PHOTOS


per photo


Contact us for a custom quote

Turn Around Times

Standard: 7 Business Days from Receiving Product.

+ $20 Per Photo: 3 Business Days from Receiving Product.

+ $60 Per Photo: 24 hours from Receiving Product.

Grouped Photos

Standard: 1-2 Items in photo

+ $10 Per Photo: 3-5 Items in photo

+ $20 Per Photo: 6-10 Items in photo

Included Features 

Use your photos anywhere, anytime, anyplace. You own them!


Professional Basic Retouching Included

High Resolution Images: 3000 px at 300 dpi

1: Place Order

Let us know your photography needs by filling out this form. We'll contact you to confirm your order and arrange shipping.

2: Show Examples

In response to our order confirmation email, reply with either A. cellphone photos of your products to illustrate camera angles and (if applicable) product grouping or B. photos found online to illustrate camera angles.

3: Ship Product

Once your order is placed and you've received your confirmation email you can pack and ship your products to us at:

Attn: Order #(your order number)
Norman's Printery
460 Braen Ave.
Wyckoff, NJ 07506

Do not send products before placing your order, we will not be responsible for them.

4: We Photograph

We'll confirm the arrival of your package(s) and get to work making your items look their best! Our standard turn around is 7 business days. If you need your photos faster we have 3 Day, and 24 Hour options available for a charge, see our order form for more details.

5: Review & Download

Once your product photos are uploaded and professionally retouched you will be emailed a link to your password protected personal gallery. There you can review and download your images.

6: Return Shipping

If you've indicated you would like return shipping we will pack and mail your items back. If you ordered 10 or more photos we will pay the fist $20 of the shipping charge.

About Our Photography Services

At Norman's Printery we understand the import role that photography makes in your web presence and advertising. We have first hand experience with our own online shop and website. Profesional photography can make the difference of being quickly passed over, or standing out and making the sale. With over 9 years of experience and our comprehensive photo studio we have the know-how and the tools to make your products look their best.