Totes in Copper Ink

July 13, 2016By CliffScreen Printing

  Here’s the latest, we printed one of our favorite patterns, Organic Geometry, on 100% cotton tote bags. We chose navy, olive, and maroon bags to print copper ink on. They came our real nice. I’ve been using mine as a lunch bag for the last week and I can report that they do the … Read More

Red White & Blue

July 1, 2016By CliffFoil

4th of July All of us at Norman’s Printery would like to wish you a very happy Independence Day weekend! We are proud to be designing, printing, and shipping all in the USA. We choose US made papers, inks, and supplies whenever possible.  As Always, thanks for your continued support. We couldn’t do it without … Read More

Cabin Fire Soy Wax Candle

February 25, 2016By CliffLetterpress

We always love getting new and interesting work, here are a set of letterpress candle dust covers and labels that we are really proud of. The dust covers are a heavy cotton paper that was letterpress printed to give the pattern and type a beautiful texture. For more info on letterpress candle dust covers, labels, … Read More

Vintage Gold

February 19, 2016By CliffFoil

Happy weekend! We wanted to show off some of what we’ve been making. Here are two A6 cards. Vintage maps and foil stamped in gold to make a fancy stationery collection. Each city set comes with 4 cards, each with a different map, and 4 envelopes. Check them out in our card section. [border]

Rose Quartz Wedding Invitations

December 21, 2015By CliffWedding

Classic Vintage Invites in Rose Quartz Here we are testing out ideas for Rose Quartz Wedding Invitations. This beautiful color combo is timeless and classic for a reason. We’ll be posting more on this collection soon. For now check out this classically sweet invite with a floral boarder. This is just a rough draft, we’ll be … Read More

Hot Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations

November 13, 2015By CliffFoil, Updates

A new video I just shot showing some of the foil stamping process. This is the first trial run with our new Nikon D750. It has been a real pleasure to use so far, I’m excited for all the new things we can do with it. Of course it will all be posted here, so … Read More

New Site Coming!

September 10, 2013By CliffUpdates

We are busy busy busy working on a brand new site for our letterpress studio. For now you can check out our blog at: